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This branch of Coral Pharmaceuticals allows us to offer a special service to many companies in the Pharmaceutical arena.

Many companies in the United States today are moving their offshore business totally offshore. Coral provides the opportunity for such a company to implement their business immediately.

Through a contract we become their arms and legs allowing them to have full control over the logistics of the business while having all of the work done in the Bahamas.

One of our mottoes is that “It’s better in the Bahamas”. Well Coral Pharmaceuticals provides a better bottom line in the Bahamas. Some of the reasons for this are:

Pro-Business Government
The Bahamas is lead by a highly stable pro-business government. In addition the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) grants licenses on Grand Bahama and is a key advocate for industrial development.

Free Trade Zone
Take a vacation from taxes. Through the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, there are no taxes on profits, capital gains, income, earnings, distribution or gifts. In addition there are no import or export taxes.

Skilled worked force
Businesses relocating to Freeport will find a highly educated, English speaking skilled workforce. Knowledgeable, reliable and creative personnel are found in every profession.

Strategic Location
We are:
30 min. from W. Palm Beach
35 min. from Ft. Lauderdale
35 min. from Miami
55 min. from Jacksonville
70 min. from Orlando
90 min. from Tampa
Only five hours cruising time from Miami.

Quality Assurance
Coral will assure appropriate quality control procedures, current good manufacturing practices and excellent record keeping.

Coral can provide a system where all products are shipped directly to the customer and all payments will be sent directly to an account designated by the contracting company.

Most important the Bahamas has the friendliest people in the world!